1912 is a management company that is built on well-established foundations. The name comes from the year in which our oldest subsidiary, Nathan & Olsen, was founded.

1912 provides its subsidiaries with services in the fields of product management, human resources, quality assurance, services, and finance, as well as IT solutions, thus maximizing efficiency and professional work methods in their operations.

The company is based at Klettagarðar 19 in Reykjavik and also has premises at Bitruháls 1 in Reykjavík and Óseyri 3 in Akureyri.

1912 and its subsidiaries attach great importance to balancing work and private life. Our main aim in the field of human resources is to ensure a happy and performance-driven workforce, with clear responsibilities and high levels of expertise. Our vision also includes the following values: Initiative – Team spirit – Reliability – Passion.

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